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In 1988, parents from the community of Heraklion, Crete found the "Union Of Parents, Foster Parents and Friends of Persons with Learning Difficulties". In 1991, the Union begin to operate the "Centre For Persons With Learning Difficulties - Zoodohos Pigi" in a 300 sq.m. building, rendered by the Greek Telecom, in Nea Alikarnassos, Heraklion.

Currently Zoodohos Pigi ("The Fountain Of Life") renders its services to about 50 persons with learning difficulties or autism and their families.

Zoodohos Pigi is a non-profit, private charity organization and complies with the continuing assessment and monitoring of the ministry of Health and Welfare.

The Aims and Objectives of Zoodohos Pigi 

utilization to the most possible degree of the persons' potential towards a more autonomous and independent living.
- social integration
- prevocational and vocational training
- job placement
autonomous or semiautonomous living
- psycho-social support of the persons and their families
- trainer and parent training
- public awareness